First Year Crew

The First Year Crew (FYC) of ISCOMS 2019 consists out of 13 first year (bio)medical students. They will offer a helping hand during the congress doing all kinds of tasks, including guiding participants to workshops, poster sessions and parties. They are willing to answer any questions you might have. Besides the Organising Committee, the FYC will also be present during the social programme.

The FYC hands out the First Year Crew Award to the best plenary speaker of ISCOMS of their choice. During the congress they will wear bright coloured t-shirts, thus they will stand out. Please do not hesitate to ask them any questions, they will be glad to help you.

The First Year Crew of ISCOMS 2019

Carien Dermer, Justine Zijlstra, Stephanie Braunius, Martijn Bouman, Sharon Groen, Renz Wierper

Pieter Dahmen, Hylke Prins, Victoria Heijnsbroek, Willemijn van Dijk, Isa van Sambeek, Nienke van der Linden, Koen Eppink, Gijs Stuart