Lisanne ter Borgh, Deli Issa, Uzaifa Sheikh, Marieke Goodijk, Daan de Kort

The International Contacts Committee takes care of the international part of ISCOMS. Our daily responsibilities include the worldwide promotion of our congress, and taking care of participants who encounter problems with their registration, Visa application, or other difficulties while organising their trip to Groningen, the Netherlands.

We take care of the promotion by e-mailing, calling, and sending promotional materials across the globe. Furthermore, we are responsible for the social media community of ISCOMS, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. Another important way of achieving publicity worldwide is by supporting our greatly motivated ambassadors in promoting our congress in their own countries.

All incoming emails of students who want to submit their abstract or who are seeking additional information about ISCOMS are answered by us. We are also the committee that has contact with the embassies when aiding students in obtaining their Visa. Lastly, we are responsible for the Travel Grants for students that require financial aid in order to attend our congress.

As the International Contacts Committee we are constantly looking for new contacts around the world that would like to help us with promoting ISCOMS 2018. If you believe you can help, please send an email to If you have any other questions regarding promotion, Visas, Ambassadors, Travel Grants, and so forth, please send us an email and we will be glad to help you!

We hope to see you at ISCOMS 2018!

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