Pieter Boek, Matthijs Han, Julie Bruinsma, Catelijne Roelofs, India Hoekman

The Public Relations committee is responsible for the appearance of ISCOMS and for the promotion of ISCOMS in Groningen and in The Netherlands.

To reach as many students as possible we are in contact with all other (bio)medical faculties in the Netherlands. They help us to get a lot of attention to ISCOMS, for example, by hanging posters in their faculties and by posting information about the congress on their website. Furthermore we communicate with faculty coordinators to make sure they stimulate their students to visit ISCOMS. Besides this we are setting up a promotional campaign and communicate with the press.

Together, we are also responsible for the graphical design of all material that will be handed out at the congress and of all flyers, posters, booklets and cards that are spread all over the world by our colleagues from the International Contacts committee. Last but not least we compose and design the Book of Abstracts that will be handed out at the congress to all participants. This book contains information about the congress and the people involved and contains all abstracts of participants who present their research at ISCOMS 2020.

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