Lisanne ter Borgh, Thomas Luchies, Jolijn Scharn

The main goal of the Research & Development (R&D) committee of ISCOMS is to innovate and improve every upcoming edition of the congress. We establish this by extensive evaluation that helps us determine what we can and should change. Also, we try to think of how it could be changed. The R&D committee makes sure the improvements are implemented at the upcoming congress. Brainstorming is a great part of our committee’s task. Thinking of new ideas that will enhance the congress. These ideas come from the evaluation sheets that participants fill out and, for example, brainstorm sessions with the entire organisation that our committee organises.

A good example of innovation of ISCOMS is the application for smartphones that has been set up and launched five years ago. In the meantime, it has been updated by R&D and we will try to keep improving it every year.

Furthermore, R&D is responsible for the website. This means that, in addition to providing the website with its lay-out, we also keep the website up to date at all times to ensure you will receive the correct information.

We maintain partnerships, because these are vitally important to the improvement of medical congresses. Each year we evaluate these partnerships and look for possible new ones. As partners, ISCOMS tries to become an even more inspiring congress.

Each year ISCOMS chooses a charity to support. By organising activities our committee raises money to support this charity. This year we chose the UMCG Alzheimer Foundation. This foundation supports research in the UMCG to find out the cause, develop new treatments, and find ways to lower the risk of dementia. We have collected money for this foundation among others by organising a pub quiz and by participating in a run called the ‘Nacht van Groningen’.

We would be delighted to welcome you to ISCOMS 2020!

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