Jort Braams, Hugo Breman, Inga Bakker, Robert Pattipeilohij

ISCOMS cannot take place without its financial funding. The committee of Sponsors and Fundraising takes care of the financial resources. Our committee consists of four enthusiastic, dedicated students who will make every effort to make this congress financially possible. We will do our very best to contact and inform companies in order to establish a good cooperation between the sponsors and ISCOMS.

Due to the fact that we are one of the biggest student congresses for biomedical sciences within Europe and due to the numerous national and international students attending, we have a great amount of sponsoring opportunities to offer. Besides students, there will also be scientists, professors, researchers and UMCG medical specialists attending the presentations, lectures and workshops. Hence making ISCOMS very attractive for potential sponsors.

Being a sponsor of ISCOMS allows extensive prospects for both large and small companies to create more awareness for the company, subsequently acquiring new business opportunities. Our purpose is to establish an agreement of mutual benefits. Companies can present themselves with a stand or they can choose for an appearance of their logo on for example our website or our congress bag. A new initiative that has started three years ago, is the networking lunch. Selected motivated students will get acquainted with different companies during a luxurious lunch in a private space. Our sponsor program is available on the website under the heading ‘supporters’.

Apart from contacting potential sponsors, we will also subscribe several funds to support ISCOMS. Besides that, one of our committee members is going to assist the treasurer with the finances during the congress. We are also responsible for the journal subscriptions which the presenting participants can win during the congress. And last but not least, we carry the responsibility to provide the participants with a full congress bag which contains a variety of gadgets, magazines and information.

If you are interested in supporting biomedical research and if you want it to be able to reach hundreds of national and international motivated (bio)medical students or if you are willing to support ISCOMS as a high standing platform to exchange in international scientific knowledge, please go to our site! If you have any questions, please contact us and we are more than willing to give you all the information you need.

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