GIPS-M (Groningen International Program of Science in Medicine) is a Research School for medical students and is part of the UMCG. Supervised by GIPS-M, selected medical students prepare and complete the obligatory five months research for their master degree, elective, at a leading medical institute abroad. These leading institutes are part of GIPS-M’s worldwide network.

What offers GIPS-M to a student?
GIPS-M used to ensure a thorough scientific preparation in the Netherlands to fulfil your research elective at a leading institute abroad. For that reason, an introductory paper has to be written by the student (part 1, literature review). During the preparations for the research elective, the student is not only be supervised by a member of GIPS-M, but also by a scientific co-supervisor from the UMCG, to cover the chosen research subject. After this literature review, the student goes abroad for the research itself.

During the time abroad, the student is coached by a scientific supervisor of the chosen leading institute. A report has to be written at the end of the research elective (part 2). This report may be used as a basis for a possible article in a scientific journal.

In addition, an abstract had to be submitted for the ISCOMS. Information and career advice can always be acquired during the period before, during and after your research elective. GIPS-M distributes prizes every year for the best literature study (part 1) and research report (part 2).

In short, GIPS-M can contribute to an outstanding CV and may pave the way to a successful career as a clinical specialist and researcher.

During ISCOMS 2017 a session will be held in which 3 nominated GIPS-M students will present their scientific work in a short presentation. Based on the quality of their scientific report and their presentation a jury will decide who of those three will win the part 2-prize and who will be second and third. In addition, the part 1-prize will be awarded.

Future of GIPS-M
Unfortunately, the UMCG has decided to stop the GIPS-M programme. New applications cannot be submitted anymore.

Prof. Cees Kallenberg MD PhD,