The Professor Chris Gips Foundation for Young Scientific Talent in MedicineProf.chris.gips

The Professor Chris Gips Foundation aims at promoting a clinical-scientific career for medical students in the Netherlands. One of the ways to reach this goal is to award a yearly prize to the most talented master student in Medicine who has written a master thesis, based on research abroad. This national prize, encompassing a certificate, a trophy and a prize of €1000, will be presented to the winner during ISCOMS.

All medical faculties in the Netherlands participate in the nomination of their best student.

The prize winner is selected by a jury consisting of Professors Dirkje Postma, Frans Kroese and Judith Rosmalen, internationally renowned scientists.

The nominees are enrolled in the exclusive National Network of Nominees to the Professor Chris Gips Students Prize (NNN), which aims at high-level science in Medicine.

All members of our board and several nominees have scientifically contributed to ISCOMS meetings and we feel that ISCOMS is very well suited for the presentation of the Professor Chris Gips Students Prize, because of our shared interests in science at a global level.

Best regards and enjoy the congress,

Carin Hazenberg, MD
Pieter-Jan J. Vlaar, MD PhD
Anne Marthe Meppelink, MD PhD
You Lan Gu, MD PhD
Chris H. Gips, MD PhD
Frits J. Bolt, LL.M.

Board and Advisers of the Professor Chris Gips Foundation