Basic life support: heroes aren’t born, they are trained

Department: Wenckebach Training Institute, UMCG

Supervisor: Wim J.C. Grimberg, Docent-Instructor ERC / NRR CPR-Instructor

Monique Timmer, Instructor ERC / NRR CPR-Instructor

During this workshop you will be invited to engage with fellow students (3-4 people) to show us a perfBasic lif support beterBasic life support 2ect resuscitation (with AED) and continue the resuscitation for some time (5-7 minutes). The students who do not participate in the cardiopulmonary resuscitation-action (CPR) are invited to assess this resuscitation: what is going well, what could go better. If you are working as a doctor, it is necessary to take the leadership on a resuscitation team and to have the abilityto coach your CPR-team. A good observation of skills is a requirement of a doctor in order to make the CPR procedure perfect. During the CPR-action it is important to push hard (5-6 cm), push fast (100-120/minute) and minimise interruption. At the end of this workshop you can exercise your CPR skills with the AED. The workshop will end with a certificate of participation “Workshop: heroes aren’t born, they are trained” given by the Wenckebach Institute, the Training Institute of the UMCG. To prepare for this workshop you can find the international guidelines for CPR on the site of de ERC: Furthermore you can find a link about an international campaign for reanimation awareness: