Dental implants in the aesthetic zone

Dental implants 4Dental implants 3Dental implants 2Dental implants 1Department: Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, UMCG
Prosthetic Dentistry, UMCG

Supervisors: Prof. Henny J.A. Meijer DMD PhD
Prof. Gerry M. Raghoebar DMD PhD
Wim A. Slot DMD PhD
Charlotte Jensen DMD PhD

Losing one or more teeth in the aesthetic zone has great impact on a person. Inserting root-form dental implants and restore them with ceramic crowns has proven to be a reliable method to solve the problem. The dental literature shows excellent survival rates of single-tooth restorations on dental implants, varying from 96.1% to 98.9% after 7.5 years in function. Studies that address aesthetics and patient satisfaction reveal that it is a very sensitive method in the eye of the professional, but that patients are generally very satisfied. This workshop comprises a lecture with the possibilities of dental implants, different treatment steps and aesthetic results. Second part of the workshop is a hands-on training in which the participant actually places a dental implant in a model, imitating the surgical part of the treatment. The workshop is supported by Nobel Biocare, the Netherlands.