Dissection of the human brain

Department:     Anatomy, UMCG
Supervisor:        Peter Room MD PhDPeter Room verkleind

Dissection of the human body in general and of the brain in particular is an underexposed part of the average medical curriculum. In this context, the workshop “Dissection of the human brain” will address this omission. The workshop will be organised in the dissection room of the Anatomy Department of the UMCG and is especially intended for students with a special interest in the brain.

The workshop will start with inspection of the external parts of the human brain. The morphology of meninges, blood vessels and neocortical areas are central topics. Subsequently transversal and horizontal sections will be cut in order to inspect the inner parts of the brain. Attention will be paid to the three-dimensional location of the cortical, extrapyramidal and limbic structures.

At the end of the workshop students will have gained a better insight in the structure and function of the human brain.