Gait analysis in patients with movement disorders

Gait analysisDepartment: Rehabilitation Medicine
Center for Rehabilitation, UMCG
Biomedical Technology

Supervisor:  Jan P.K. Halbertsma, MD PhD

Observation and measurement in patients with gait disorders represent an important part of the activities in a Motion Laboratory. Impairments in gait can be primarily attributed to neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders. When the diagnosis is known, the aim of the gait analysis is to determine the proper definition and prescription of e.g. orthoses. In the same way also the effects of therapy can be evaluated.

In the workshop the participants start gait analysis by observation of a deviating gait pattern. Combined with a diagnosis and knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinematics and kinetics we will try to find an orthotic solution for the patient’s gait problem.