HANNN Healthy Ageing Award

ISCOMS shares its focus on Healthy Ageing with the Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands and the UMCG. Healthy Ageing focusses on improving ageing in the broadest sense, the main goals of research are

  • Establishing all genetic, lifestyle related and environmental factors that influence quality of life and the way we age;
  • Preventing (chronic) disease by performing interventions to decrease the incidence of risk factors for disease in the population;
  • Increasing the efficacy of diagnostics with the aim of catching a certain disease in an early stage and thus preventing the progression into a disease stage with a severe effect on the quality of life;
  • Developing new treatments and improving current treatment options with the aim of giving the patients extra high quality of life years to live;

The aim of the HANNN Healthy Ageing Award is to promote research that has a positive impact on society because it achieves one of the previously mentioned goals. The HANNN Healthy Ageing Award will be rewarded to the participant who has performed the research with the highest positive impact on Healthy Ageing in society.

The HANNN Healthy Ageing Award will be awarded every year. Have you visited ISCOMS 2017 and do you want to put your new knowledge on performing relevant research into practice?  Than you can start performing research now and apply for the HANNN Award next year!

This year the winner of the Healthy Ageing Award will receive a €500,- grant. This grant will enable you to further develop your research skills by participating at a congress/ seminar/ workshop of your own choice.

Winner of 2017:
Winner: Jana Hopstaken, the Netherlands
To operate or not to operate? Preoperative frailty assessment and shared decision making in surgical treatment of onco-geriatric patients
A HANNN network voucher  worth € 500,-

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