How do I register for DISCOMS?

To register for DISCOMS click here. The deadline for registration is on the 2nd of June at 23:59 GMT+1.

What will my participation look like?

Our main goal is to promote student research and the international exchange of it. We believe that interaction is key to exchange knowledge, and that it makes ISCOMS the stimulating venue we aim to be. Therefore, DISCOMS is fully focused on creating that interaction between all participants. This includes the keynote speaker, the (presenting) participants and even Dennie, our guest during the patient lecture.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page

Presenting Participants

We understand that the decisions we’ve had to make for the 2020 edition of ISCOMS, or DISCOMS may interfere with what you imagined of your presentation and that it may raise a lot of questions. We hope to answer all of them down below.

In what form will my presentation take place in DISCOMS?

Since the congress is now only one day, and we have to cover many different time zones, we have a very limited amount of time for all of you to present. As student presenters like yourself are a vital part of ISCOMS, we have come up with the following idea, so that everyone can still present their findings.

The oral and poster sessions will however be adapted to fit the time schedule. Both oral and poster sessions can upload a poster. To upload your poster click here

All participants can then see these posters within DISCOMS, and click on whichever one they like. When a participant has a question regarding the poster, he or she can ask the presenting participant this question through a live (video) chat. There are designated time frames within the schedule that allow participants to look at all the posters uploaded, and choose from their desired discipline or subject. Posters should be as self-explanatory as possible, so that presenters from the oral and poster can focus on specific questions that may rise from other participants.

The plenary session will present their work on a livestream, almost identical to the way they would do at ISCOMS. This time however, all other participants will sit behind their laptop instead of in the lecture hall. All participants can and are encouraged to ask questions after the presentation.

Target Group

The International Student Congress Of (bio)Medical Sciences is meant for all (bio)medical students interested in research.

Both bachelor and master students are welcome at the ISCOMS. Our target group consists of undergraduate and graduate students, or people who have just graduated but still wish to present their research conducted while being a student. Thus students can also present their thesis at ISCOMS. However, we do not accept case reports (clinical or basic), reviews or literature studies (except for meta-analysis).

If you will not be a presenting visitor, you can always visit the ISCOMS as a non-presenter!