Please be aware that the accommodation options are not available yet but will be very soon!

During ISCOMS 2020 there are different types of accommodation available. The Organising Committee of ISCOMS can arrange your accommodation, only when you indicate this on your registration form. The exact deadline will follow. You can choose to either Stay With A Student or stay at a ho(s)tel.

Stay With A Student

You will stay at the house of a (Dutch) student. The student has an admission ticket to ISCOMS 2020 as well and may be able to show you around the city of Groningen. The number of students that live in a student house varies per house. Once you are assigned to a student house you will have to contact your host. Thus, both you and the host can decide upon the amount of days you would like to stay at their house and if bedlinen is provided. Breakfast will always be provided.

Please note, the ISCOMS Organising Committee will place you at a student’s house, you cannot choose the house you would like to stay at yourself. Be aware if you choose this option, that you are staying at a student house, so it won’t be as luxurious as a hotelroom.

Price: 21,50 euro per night

“Housing international medicine students from around the world was a joy. We received students from India, Singapore and Indonesia. All from different backgrounds, religions and aspirations. We made sure they would feel at home by providing enough privacy, Dutch food but also to provide in their needs (e.g. halal food). We enjoyed the time we spent together but made sure they would feel comfortable. We enjoyed providing hospitality and to have these great guests at our house.”– Tim Menkveld (student host)

“Staying with a student during ISCOMS program is a great experience. It is not just about scientific matter and sharing personal experience but it is also fun. Staying with a student in this program helped me to create a good friendship with students who also lived in that housing (both host and guest). This would also be very useful for the future of our life and indeed for the future of science.” – Caraka Satrija (participant)

Arrange your own accommodation 

Martini Hotel ***

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 8, Groningen
Tel: +3150 312 9919

Schimmelpenninck Huys ***

Oosterstraat 53, Groningen
Tel: +3150 318 9502

The Student Hotel

Boterdiep 9, Groningen
Tel: +(31) (0)50 206 9161

 Bud Gett Hostels

Rademarkt 3-3a, Groningen
Tel: +3150-588 6558

Hotel de Doelen ***

Grote Markt 36, Groningen
Tel: +3150 312 7041

Het Paleis Groningen

Boterdiep 111, Groningen
Tel: +3150-3118849

Simplon Jongerenhotel

Boterdiep 73-2, Groningen
Tel: +3150-3135221