Professor Dick Swaab MD PhD is an internationally renowned researcher in neuroscience, who received numerous awards and published over 540 scientific papers. He earned his medical and doctoral degrees at the University of Amsterdam and served as director of the Netherlands Institute for Neurosciencefor 27 years. In 1985, Professor Swaab founded the Netherlands Brain Bank, which supplies the international research community with clinical and neuropathological brain tissue. Swaab is Emeritus Professor at the University of Amsterdam and Professor at Zhejiang University, Hang Zhou, China since 2007.

His major research interest focusses on brain development, sexual differentiation, Alzheimer’s disease, the neurobiological basis of depression and eating disorders. In 2008, professor Dick Swaab received the Academy medal for his significant role in national and international neuroscience. He is author of the two volume monograph The Human Hypothalamus, which appeared in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology series, Elsevier, Amsterdam (1000pp) and of the Dutch bestseller We are our Brains, which is translated in German, Chinese and Italian.

Over the years, Swaab was mentor of 84 PhD students, 16 of whom became full professor. He published over 540 articles in peer-reviewed journals and in 1998 he received the Royal Honour, “Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion”.

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