Prof. Mario R. Capecchi PhD

Prof. Mario R. Capecchi PhD, was born in Verona, Italy, in 1937. He received his Bachelor of Science in chemistry and physics from Antioch College in 1961 and his PhD in biophysics from Harvard University in 1967. After six years at the Harvard School of Medicine faculty he joined the University of Utah as a professor of biology in 1973.

Prof. Capecchi is known for his work on the development of gene targeting in mouse embryo-derived stem cells creating mutations in any desired gene and giving freedom to manipulate the DNA sequence.  In 2007 he won the Nobel Prize in physiology of medicine for this research, which he shared with Oliver Smithies and Martin Evans. His current research interests include the molecular genetic analysis of early mouse development and production of mouse models of human genetic diseases.

You can visit professor Capecchis lecture on the 5th of June from 09:15 till 10:15!