Interactive Surgical Operation

ISCOMS 2016 offers you the opportunity to experience a surgery together with the other participants. We will show you an operation that has taken place earlier in 2016. During the display of this video, an Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon and a Technical Physician will be on stage to guide us through the operation, respectively Max Witjes, DMD PhD, Martin Stenekes, PhD, and Joep Kraeima, MSc.

This year’s operation will be on the removal of a deformity in de mandibular; a part of the mandible needs to be replaced because of this removal. This replacement will be performed by reconstructing a part of the fibula into the form of the mandible by using 3D-scanners and 3D-printers.

Through several CT-scans, a digital 3-dimensional image of the cranium will be obtained. Due to this virtual 3D image, several preparations for the surgery will be made; the specialists know the exact size of the deformity. Based on this format, the 3D-printer will produce a 3D mold that will assist the surgeon to remove the abnormality with millimetre precision. A mould will be made for the reconstruction of the fibula as well. This mould will contain the exact locations where bone of the fibula has to be removed in order to get the round shape like a jaw and fit exactly in the hole of the removed deformity. After fulfilment of these steps, the fibula parts will be attached on a titanium plate, which is also planned virtually. The entire construction of fibula parts and the titanium plate will be placed in the hole of the jaw and will be attached to the remaining parts of the original jaw.

Max Witjes en Martin Stenekes will be in charge during the procedure and will perform a major part of the operation. Joep Kraeima will be responsible for the moulds and the 3D images and thereby for the virtual preparations. The three of them will be on stage to answer all the questions the audience come up with.