Supervisors: Max Witjes DMD PhD, Peter v Ooijen PhD, Joep Kraeima

The 3D lab is a central facility in the UMCG, where technology meets patient care.

Within the lab both physicians and engineers work together on innovative techniques for improving care. There are 3D virtual techniques for accurate surgical planning, based on CT, MRI and PET-scan data. With these plans the surgeon can pre-define for example where to perform a resection or place a screw with great accuracy. These plans are translated to the surgical procedure with the use of 3D printed surgical guides.

Other applications of the 3D lab are 3D/4D visualizations of complex anatomy for discussion, patient education and training of professionals (physicians and engineers). This workshop will provide a hands-on demonstration of multiple 3D tools that are used in the applications written above. For example you can see how a 3D printer works or what you can see with a HoloLens on your head.