Surgical treatment of coronary artery disease: beating heart CABG

Department: Cardio Thoracic Surgery, UMCG

Supervisor: Michiel Erasmus MD PhD, Prof. Massimo Mariani PhD

Coronary artery disease affects millions of patients being related to the western life style. As this is a slowly developing disease it effects morphology as well as the function of the heart over the years. This workshop deals with the morphology of ischemic affected hearts and the surgical possible strategies to prolong survival when critical stenosis cause serious complaints. Lectures are combined with a live streaming coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) operation on a beating heart model in a human cadaver. Four randomly selected students can assist the operation. Four others will show the relevant anatomy of the heart. The rest of the participants will follow the operation closely via a live stream, supervised by a thoracic surgeon.

At the end of the session,students will understand the consequences of coronary artery disease for the heart and insight in the surgical treatment of this disease.