ISCOMS Research Fellowships


Are you a young, ambitious, (bio)medical student and would you like to experience doing research in the University Medical Center Groningen? The ISCOMS Research Fellowships (IRF) give students who present their research at ISCOMS the opportunity to experience doing research in the Netherlands and more specifically in the UMCG.

Various Research Institutes of the UMCG are interested in welcoming young and talented foreign (bio)medical students into their institutes and giving them the opportunity to experience what doing research in the UMCG is like. As a student you will get the chance to perform research at a leading institute, meet top-researchers, and learn more about the possibilities of doing a PhD-programme in the Netherlands. The IRF are available for presenting participants of the congress only.

When your abstract is chosen to be presented at our congress, you will receive information about the IRF application. It is important to know that we only have a limited amount of thirty places for students to participate in these projects. Therefore, we have a special application procedure for the IRF-projects.

Besides a lot of (bio)medical projects, there are also a few Research Fellowships that focus more on the technical view of biomedical sciences. Students who study applied physics, biomedical engineering, chemistry or such, will also be able to apply for these very interesting Research Fellowships.

The fellowships take place directly after the congress, from the 10th of June until the 21st of June 2019. This makes it convenient for students to participate in the IRF. Besides this, no additional costs are charged. Accommodation and pocket money will be provided for the duration of the project free of charge.

The IRF are a challenging two week programme in which students are expected to actively participate in research at one of the UMCG Research Institutes and gather a great deal of knowledge related to the topic of research. As a student you get the chance to perform research at a leading institute, meet top-researchers and – more importantly – learn about the possibilities of doing a PhD-programme in the Netherlands. There are many foreign students who have been able to start a PhD-programme in the UMCG thanks to following a fellowship.

From Thursday the 5th of March until Sunday the 7th of April 2019, the application form for the IRF will be available. Below you can find the button to the IRF application form. During the application procedure, your CV, motivation letter, and a recommendation letter written by your supervisor, will be required. Be sure to have those ready!

Here, you can find more information about the IRF projects of ISCOMS 2019.