What will my participation look like?

Our main goal is to promote student research and the international exchange of it. We believe that interaction is key to exchange knowledge, and that it makes ISCOMS the stimulating venue we aim to be. Therefore, DISCOMS is fully focused on creating that interaction between all participants. This includes the keynote speaker, the (presenting) participants and even Dennie, our guest during the patient lecture.

Are there any fees for DISCOMS?

The fees for participating in DISCOMS are €12,50.

I’m worried my internet is not fast or consistent enough, what should I do?

We’re aware that a digital congress requires a stable and fast internet connection. We’re also aware that not everyone has this luxury. However, this was the only option for a congress this year. We strongly encourage everyone to find out whether you have a suitable connection before the congress starts, so as little problems as possible may occur. Sadly, we can’t offer refunds if your internet connection fails during DISCOMS. In case your internet disconnects, you can re-enter the event without further costs.

Presenting participants

In what form will my presentation take place in DISCOMS?

Since the congress is now only one day, and we have to cover many different time zones, we have a very limited amount of time for all of you to present. As student presenters like yourself are a vital part of ISCOMS, we have come up with the following idea, so that everyone can still present their findings.

The plenary session will present their work on a livestream, almost identical to the way they would do at ISCOMS. This time however, all other participants will sit behind their laptop instead of in the lecture hall. All participants can and are encouraged to ask questions after the presentation.

The oral and poster sessions will however be adapted to fit the time schedule. Both oral and poster sessions can upload a poster. Click here if you want to upload your poster. All participants can then see these posters within DISCOMS, and click on whichever one they like. When a participant has a question regarding the poster, he or she can ask the presenting participant this question through a live (video) chat. There are designated time frames within the schedule that allow participants to look at all the posters uploaded, and choose from their desired discipline or subject. Posters should be as self-explanatory as possible, so that presenters from the oral and poster can focus on specific questions that may rise from other participants.

What happens if I do not wish to present my research on this platform?

We understand that the idea of DISCOMS may not fit the picture you had in mind when submitting your abstract. Therefore, all presenting participants can resubmit their abstract next year. We encourage you to elaborate your research and findings, if possible, however, identical abstracts will be accepted. This being said, we’d like to give everyone a fair chance at presenting at ISCOMS, and therefore, we can’t guarantee that your abstract will be accepted again, or chosen to be in the same session.

Will I still receive certificates for my work and participation?

All selected presenting participants will receive a certificate for their work. For those of you that choose to present at DISCOMS, this will be a presenting participant certificate, which will state that you have successfully presented your work at DISCOMS. If you wish to not present at DISCOMS, and rather give it a shot at ISCOMS 2021 we’ll provide a certificate of acceptance. This document will state that your work was accepted for ISCOMS 2020.

Can I still win an award for my presentation?

Yes, plenary, oral and poster presenters can all still win a prize. Please see below for more information.

Plenary sessions

1st place               200,- ,a Universal Pass and a one year subscription to the New England Journal of Medicine
2nd place             150,- , a Universal Pass and a one year subscription to the New England Journal of Medicine
3rd place              100,-, a Universal Pass and a one year subscription to the New England Journal of Medicine
Audience award  50,-

Oral sessions

1st place               50,- , a Universal Pass and a one year subscription to the New England Journal of Medicine

Poster sessions

1st place               A Universal Pass and and a one year subscription to the New England Journal of Medicine


Will the book of abstracts be published?

The book of abstracts will be published in the same manner. However, in a sustainable, digital format.

Will I still be able to apply for a travel grant?

As traveling is not necessary to attend DISCOMS, the travel grants are unavailable this year.