Wednesday 3rd of June – Congress day 1 : Nutrition day

The role of nutrition in the prevention and management of disease is gaining more and more attention. Increasingly more research is indicating that nutrition is an important determinant of health. Therefore, the first day of this year’s congress will have the theme nutrition.

For this theme, we will introduce a nutrition logo. This logo will be coupled with keynote speakers, workshops and presentations who have nutrition processed in their research.

The keynote speakers: professor Jaap Seidell PhD and professor Marion Koopmans DVM PhD.

Professor Jaap Seidell will give a lecture about chronic diseases of affluence such as obesity and diabetes and their prevention with nutrition. In the afternoon, virologist professor Marion Koopmans will be talking about foodborne viruses and the prevention and control of viral outbreaks.

Nutrition workshops will include: “Taste experience of medicine”

Additionally, you can discuss the newest finings in this field during the special student poster session about nutrition where students will present their research!

So, if you are interested in Nutrition make sure not to miss this day!