Lilian Peters PhD

Lilian Peters works as an epidemiologist/postdoctoral researcher at three universities: UMC Groningen, Amsterdam UMC and Western Sydney University. She conducts research in the area of Women’s Health Epidemiology. Lilian Peters examines events during pregnancy and birth on maternal and children’s health. Therefore, she analyses Big Data, i.e. large datasets of international population based data registries (e.g. Australian New South Wales linked data, Dutch Perinatal Data Registry), and cohort data (e.g. Lifelines Next, Lifelines ROAHD, EUCAN-Connect). By analyzing these data, she aims to develop models to optimize the use of clinical resources and optimize maternal health and birth outcomes. In all of her projects, Lilian Peters incorporates the perspectives of all different stakeholders, particularly the voices and demands of women who are living in the north of the Netherlands.

The topic of her talk will be to inspire young researchers to continue research of their interests even when this is debated by other researchers or colleagues. When will you make a difference in the future? Which risks should you take? What should you do or don’t to establish your own research project?