Patrick van Rijn PhD

Materials enter our body continuously. Sometimes intended in the case of medical implants but also unintended in case of something as simple as a splinter. In all cases there is an interaction between the material and the human body and most often tissue cells or immune cells will be directly interfacing with the material. What happens with these materials, what would we like to happen and what not. These are highly relevant questions in terms of implant associated fibrosis, biofixation of medical implants, infections, but also in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

The bold statement that I have is that “we can control and direct biological response and thereby enhance the performance of medical implants by understanding the interactions between cells and material properties”. But how do you investigate this if there are 10.000 different material property combinations and every part of the body has its own combination of specific cell types? More knowledge, less work, and relevant clinical translation is what will be the focus of the lecture.