The Committee of Recommendation of ISCOMS consists of renowned dignitaries who support our congress. By being a member of the Committee they demonstrate their support for our mission statement: to further develop itself as a leading forum in the worldwide exchange of student research within all fields of (bio)medical sciences.

Committee of Recommendation 2018

René F.J. Paas
King’s Commissioner, Province of Groningen

Prof. José F.T.M. van Dijck PhD
President, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Prof. Elmer Sterken PhD
Rector Magnificus, University of Groningen

Prof. Sibrand Poppema MD PhD
President of the Board of the University of Groningen

Prof. Marian Joëls MD PhD
Dean, University Medical Center Groningen

Prof. Cees Th. Smit Sibinga MD PhD
WHO Expert Committee for Blood Transfusion, Groningen

Jeffrey M. Drazen MD
Editor-in-Chief, New England Journal of Medicine