International Medical Students’ Congress in Novi Stad

UnknownInternational Medical Students’ Congress in Novi Sad (IMSCNS), this year celebrating its ten-year anniversary, is being held from 16th-19th July 2015. During 4 days of the congress, all students involved in health sciences will have a chance to share their knowledge and experience through their scientific work. Take the opportunity and show the world what have you been working on, meet your peers from all over the world and discuss current topics with experts. As we’re celebrating our anniversary, we’re preparing a lot of exciting new workshops and lectures to indulge your appetite for science. Don’t miss out on our rich social programme with an aim of bringing everyone closer together and creating a network for your future career.

The IMSCNS is an official project of EMSA – Novi Sad, which is supported by EMSA – Europe, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Novi Sad and Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

You can register and look for more information at . We are delighted to invite YOU to participate in this event, exchange your scientific proficiencies and have an excellent time.