Patient Lecture

Parkinson’s Disease: a patient’s perspective

Slow moves, rigidity, tremor, stoop posture, we just need a few words to characterize people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). And although in the last few decades it is well onderstood that PD is more than just a movement disorder, the emphasis is still on lack of motor control. PD is the disease of the motor system and everything else seems of secondary importance.

What doctors and even some neurologists do not realize is that not motor but behavioural cause the most devastating consequences of the disease. In my experience as a patient representative for five years, and having been involved in some tens of studies on PD, I think we should care more about those who face difficulties to start a conversation or take action when they want to, embrace their loved ones when they want to. Because this is also what PD is about. PD is the visitor that you take along with you whether you like it or not. It is there 24/7 in head and mind, in brain and behaviour. The mere fact that physical symptoms require easier treatment than mental and cognitive problems should not distract our attention from mental and cognitive problems in every day life.

Our patient Rob Hagen and neurosurgeon prof. Marc van Dijk will provide you with an interesting lecture from the patient’s perspective of PD and discuss treatment with Deep-Brain Stimulation in the process.

Visit the patient lecture at ISCOMS on tuesday the 8th of June from 16:25 to 17:40!

Rob Hagen