Social programme

Monday 7th of June 2021

International pubquiz

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Tuesday 8th of June 2021


Choose 1 of the workshops listed below.

Wednesday 9th of June 2021


Choose 1 of the workshops listed below.

Workshop 1: The power of online Haka!

Haka, the world-famous phenomenon from New-Zealand, is now available as an online workshop! Our Haka trainer will provide you with a special Haka Break via MS Teams or Zoom.

Haka gained popularity through the rugby teams of New Zealand, who perform the powerful dance before their match. Originally the Haka was a ceremonial dance performed by the Maori and tribes in Samoa and Fiji. Through the medium of Haka, the tribes contacted and communicated with their Gods and performed stories. There is a perception that Haka is a war dance, but Haka were performed for lots of different occasions as well. The dance consists of a series of gestures, facial expressions, and calls.

The power of Haka in teambuilding

During the online workshop, we will teach you the most famous haka: The Ka Mate! This is a powerful and energy-rich session during which the trainer will explain the gestures, energy, and calls that make up the Ka Mate. What can you communicate through a Haka? What is your unique power and what can you offer a team? These are questions that we will explore during this session. You are not only a group of individuals, but a team! As one identity, one story, and one passion, you will show your pride and power as a group!


The workshop consists of history, background stories, and lots of practicing with movements and the Haka itself. We will begin at a slow pace to get used to the rhythm and form. Then we will add more moves, calls, and of course, stick out our tongues (one of the famous characteristics of Haka). During the workshop, the participants will challenge each other and everyone gets time to perform their dance. The workshop will be held in an online session with fellow participants, it’s a great way to end the congress day with each other!


  • A powerful end to your day
  • Feeling a connection to other participants
  • Fresh energy and learning something new
  • Teambuilding

Practical information

  • Duration: 45-60 minutes
  • Group size: 50 participants
  • You will need: a laptop, audio + webcam
  • Language: English

Workshop 2: Cartoon Drawing

Working from home the whole day, online meetings, and only having contact with your colleagues and friends through WhatsApp and video calling… Maybe you’re a little bit bored or you miss learning something new.  This online cartoon drawing workshop will teach you something new and creative in a fun and humorous way. Making a cartoon with others is a fun way to look at the world from a different perspective.

In this workshop, we will work with creativity and imagination and let words, images, and compositions do the talking. We will begin by explaining the power of visual communication. Then we will start with a mini-design process: what elements do you want to use and how can we use these to make a final product?

The language of cartoon drawing

Cartoon drawing is not only for cartoonists. A few lines, an idea, and some humour will already go a long way, even if you think you can’t draw! Participate and see for yourself. We will do this in a special online workshop: together with other participants you will log in to Zoom or Microsoft Teams and via videocall, we will do an online training.

Together we will explore the power of cartoons and then practice your drawing skills. With a pen and paper, you will practice drawing techniques to draw a cartoon all by yourself. We will teach you how you can capture the world in a catchy, powerful cartoon.


  • Practicing basic cartoon drawing techniques
  • Teambuilding and having fun
  • Improving your confidence in drawing

Practical information

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Group size: 50 persons
  • You will need: a laptop, audio + webcam, pen/ pencil and paper
  • Language: English

Workshop 3: Improvisation

During these times a lot is asked of you. More than ever, you need to improvise and adapt. In this online workshop, the participants will practice improvisation theatre via Zoom of Microsoft Teams, safely from your own home but with each other. Break your daily routine with humour, laughing and relaxing, while also training your “improvisation muscles”!

A “quarantine impro” break

Online improvisation theatre, a new form of improvising in a light-hearted manner. In this fun session, the participants will feel a sense of ‘togetherness,’ even though you are in your own home. This workshop will help break up your daily routine, make you laugh, and gain a different perspective. Without knowing it, you are improvising every day!

Teambuilding through improvisation

During this improvisation workshop, you will work as a team with techniques used in comedy theatre and improvisation. In a light-hearted and easy-flowing manner, the basic techniques of improv theatre will be explained to you. Techniques such as letting go, listening, working together, and accepting and appreciating others will be combined to create a beautiful improvised scene.


  • New energy and focus
  • A sense of ‘togetherness’ during social distancing
  • A fun way to end your day
  • Humour and laughter

Practical information

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Group size: 30 persons
  • You will need: a laptop, audio + webcam
  • Language: English