From the 7nd until the 10th of June 2021, the 28th edition of the International Student Congress of (Bio) Medical Sciences (ISCOMS) will take place at the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG). ISCOMS is the largest, leading (bio)medical student congress of the world, organized for and by students.

Who is joining ISCOMS?

– Ambitious (bio)medical students and recent graduates
Each year, no less than 800 participants with around 60 different nationalities visit the congress which makes ISCOMS a special meeting place for students all over the world.

– Professors, scientists and supervisors
During ISCOMS they give and attend presentations, lectures and / or workshops.

– UMCG medical specialists and other employees
UMCG staff will be able to meet companies and participants at the stands located at the public and central hall.

What does the congress look like?

– Keynote lectures and workshops
Each year, renowned speakers including Nobel Laureate Prof. Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe MD, Prof. Ellen Roche PhD, Prof. Marion Koopmans DVM PhD and Prof. Jaap Seidell PhD.
To alternate the programme there’re also interactive workshops which you can participate

– Scientific research
ISCOMS offers students a great platform to present their innovative research. Each year, 350 participants present their scientific research in the form of a poster, oral or plenary session.

– Corporate Member Meeting
This concept has been created so that our sponsors do not only come into contact with students, but also get a chance to network with other Corporate Members and with key officials of the UMCG. A short presentation round will take place, followed by a networking drink with UMCG employees of interest. We are curious to see who is interesting for you and will invite suitable key officials to your request.

– The UMCG
The University Medical Centre of Groningen (UMCG), which is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands has many students, patients, visitors, doctors and researchers passing through. The Fountain Patio, the central place of the UMCG, will provide the perfect opportunity for a company to present itself to the audience of ISCOMS, for instance, by placing a stand. Of course, other innovative interpretations are always possible in consultation.

• Focus
In 2021 ISCOMS will dedicate a congress day to the theme; ‘nutrition’. Where Nutrition professor Jaap Seidell will give a keynote lecture and several workshops regarding this theme will be given.

– General impression of ISCOMS
Curious about what ISCOMS looked like in recent years? Then quickly scan the QR code.

Did you know?

That ISCOMS is the largest and most professional (bio)medical student congress of the world with:
● 27 years of valuable experience;
● 800 participants from 60 different countries
● 9 university students in the Executive Board, 36 university students in
different committees;
● 3 professors in the Advisory Board and over 100 professors and researchers involved in the scientific programme
● a total of 14,000 hours yearly put into organising ISCOMS by biomedical
● an enormous amount of enthusiasm and dedication.

Committee of Recommendation 2020

Prof. Cees Th. Smit Sibinga MD PhD
WHO Expert committee for Blood Transfusions, Groningen
Prof. Elmer Sterken PhD
Rector Magnificus, University of Groningen
Jeffrey M. Drazen MD
Editor-in-chief, The New England Journal of Medicine
Prof. Jouke de Vries PhD
President of the Board of the University of Groningen
Prof. Marian Joëls PhD
Dean, University Medical Center Groningen
René F.J. Paas MA
King’s Commissioner, Province of Groningen
Prof. Wim van Saarloos PhD
President, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Previous Keynotes ISCOMS

Prof. Ben L. Feringa PhD
Nobel Laureate 2016
Prof. Stefan W. Hell PhD
Nobel Laureate 2014
Prof. Ada E. Yonath PhD
Nobel Laureate 2009
Prof. Harald zur Hausen MD PhD
Nobel laureate 2008
Prof. Martin Chalfie PhD
Nobel laureate 2008
Prof. Mario R. Capecchi PhD
Nobel Laureate 2007
Prof. J. Robin Warren
Nobel Laureate 2005
Sir Tim R.T. Hunt PhD
Nobel Laureate 2001