Visa pre-registration

To make sure everyone is able to make the proper arrangements for their visa, we have introduced the “visa pre-registration form”. This form is designed specifically for those who require a little extra time to make the necessary appointments at the embassy. The sooner you fill in the form, the sooner you will receive an invitation letter and are able to continue with the next step in the process. Invitation letters will be sent from the 8th of January onwards.

You will be asked to make a payment of one day pass (19.99EUR). This serves for us as a guarantee of your visit. This amount will be subtracted from the payment you have to make for the official registration in February.

Please beware: this form is in no way an official registration for your participation in the ISCOMS conference. Registration opens on the 19th of February, 2024. You will receive a personal link at that time with a discount of one day pass due to your advance payment for this visa pre-registration.

Click here for the visa pre-registration form.