Previous Keynote Lectures

At ISCOMS, renowned keynote lecturers will tell you all about the influential research that they perform. In their lectures they will share their knowledge and experiences with you. They are internationally respected for their novel research which often led to a breakthrough. The topics of the speakers differ and will cover broad fields of interesting research. We hope their research will stimulate and fascinate you in your own research activities. Below you can find the keynote lectures of last year’s edition of ISCOMS.

Previous keynote lectures of ISCOMS

Prof. Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe MD

Prof. Jaap Seidell PhD

Prof. Marion Koopmans DVM PhD

Prof. Ellen Roche PhD

Prof. Peter van der Voort MD PhD

Prof. Mario R. Capecchi PhD

Prof. Andrea B. Maier MD PhD

Prof. Henning Schliephake MD DDS PhD

Prof. Hein A.M. Daanen MD PhD

Prof. Ugur Sahin MD PhD

Prof. Dick Swaab MD PhD

Clara van Karnebeek, MD PhD FCCMG

Willem Herter

Esther Consten MD PhD, Robotic surgery

Prof. Ben L. Feringa PhD, Nobel Laureate 2016

Sir Tim R.T. Hunt PhD, Nobel Laureate 2001

Prof. Stefan Hell PhD, Nobel Laureate 2014

Prof. Cisca Wijmenga PhD, Spinoza Prize Winner 2015

Maura Arsiero PhD

Prof. Martin Chalfie PhD, Nobel Laureate 2008

Prof. Carl Figdor PhD, Spinoza Prize 2006

Chad E. Bouton, Battelle’s Inventor of the year 2010

Nicola Petrosillo MD PhD

Prof. Ada E. Yonath PhD, Nobel Laureate 2009

Prof. Albert van den Berg PhD, Spinoza Prize 2009

Christopher K. Breuer MD, Jacobsen Promising Investigator Award

Prof. Matti Mintz PhD

Prof. Bengt Fadeel MD PhD

William E. Cohn MD