Last year's social programme

Social programme 2023

Date:  4th of June 2023
Time:  19:00 – 23:00
Where: Café Hoppe

During the welcoming night, those of you who are already present in Groningen will have the possibility to walk through the city together with the ISCOMS Organising Committee and our First Year Crew. The city tour, which will last for about one hour, will end at a local pub in the centre of Groningen. The welcoming night and our ISCOMS pub quiz will take place in this pub. The city tour and welcoming night will allow you to socialize with one another and meet the ISCOMS organizing committee. You are always welcome to join the welcoming night, regardless of your participation in the city tour. Please note that payment is only possible with PIN.

Date: 5th of June 2023
Time:  18:30 – 23:00
Where: DOT

Most of you will arrive in Groningen on Monday. Monday will be our pre-course after which a social activity will follow. For those of you who have registered for the pre-course, the social programme for this day will be included. During the social activity on our pre-course day, you will be guided to a location at  which a dancing class will take place. On arrival, a buffet will be served, and we will have dinner together. After the intensive day, you have the opportunity to blow off some steam and show everyone your dancing skills at the dancing workshop!


Date: 6th of June 2023
Time:  19:15 – 23:00
Where: Het Prinsenhof

The first official congress day will be followed by our ‘Formal Dinner’. This year, the Formal Dinner will take place at one of the most beautiful venues of Groningen: ‘het Prinsenhof’. During this dinner, all present participants have the chance to dress up fancy while enjoying a six-course walking dinner! For this outstanding six-course dinner, it is possible to choose between meat or vegetarian dishes. Besides enjoying a delicious dinner, this event provides the perfect opportunity for socialising with other ISCOMS participants and to meet some of the professors who will be present at the formal dinner. For an amazing appearance it would be great if you bring an elegant dress of your best suit. Bring some additional money for the evening since drinks can be purchased at the location.

Date: 7th of June 2023
Time:  18:00 – 22:30
Where: Happy Italy Groningen

We will start the evening by having dinner with the entire group. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to join the activity you chose. We will prepare different activities which you can choose from. The activities you can choose from are a yoga workshop, bowling, jeux the boule, and lasergaming!
Please note: preferred method of payment is with PIN.


Date: 8th of June 2023
Time:  19:00 – 02:00
Where: Huize Maas

After our final congress day and the official closing ceremony, we will relocate to ‘Huize Maas’ where the World Wide ISCOMS Night will take place! This evening will start off with a delicious buffet with many different dishes from around the world. Afterwards, the great party will begin. During this night, the end of a successful and joyful congress will be celebrated. During this night, the traditions of the different countries will be central. Dress up in traditional clothing and bring a traditional snack or dish from your country. We would love to play music specifically from your country, so please bring a USB stick with your
favourite music. The DJ will take care of the rest and make sure you have an unforgettable night!

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. After three days of congress and the World Wide ISCOMS Night, ISCOMS 2023 will have reached its end. But don’t worry, because we have one last activity for you: the Post Congress Tour! During this day we will be visiting another Dutch city. This year we will be traveling to the capital of Friesland, Leeuwarden. Leeuwarden is also proclaimed the cultural city of Europe in 2018. Two buses will be arranged which will take us to Leeuwarden. When arrived in Leeuwarden, we will start off with lunch. During our lunch, we will visit a typical Dutch restaurant called ‘pannenkoekenschip’, where we will have real Dutch pancakes. After this, a few activities will be organized throughout the city. This will give you the opportunity to get to know more about Leeuwarden, the Frisian culture, and visit some nice sites in the city.
After a day full of activities, we will finish off with a dinner in one of the many restaurants in Leeuwarden. Afterwards, the buses will take us back to Groningen. Upon arrival back in Groningen, ISCOMS 2023 will be officially over.