Sustainability at ISCOMS

Sustainability at ISCOMS
At ISCOMS, sustainability is an essential concept. We recognize the urgent need to protect our planet and believe that small actions can create significant change. From our food choices to technological innovations, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint and promote sustainable practices.

Planetary Health 
On the third day of ISCOMS, we delve into the theme of the day: “Planetary Health.” This day will feature several workshops focusing on sustainability. Connect with other participants, exchange ideas, and discover innovative approaches to make the (bio)medical world more sustainable.

Vegetarian food and combatting food waste
One of the core principles at ISCOMS is our staunch opposition to food waste, which is why we adopted a strict vegetarian menu policy for our event. By eliminating meat from our menus, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also advocate for a more sustainable food system.

The ISCOMS app
In our quest to reduce paper waste, we’ve embraced technology as a powerful ally. The ISCOMS app serves as a digital hub for all event-related information, from schedules to abstracts and speaker details. By providing essential resources in digital format, we significantly diminish our reliance on printed materials, thereby conserving precious resources and reducing environmental impact. Attendees can access all pertinent information conveniently from their smartphones, contributing to a greener, more sustainable conference experience.

Digital poster boards
Unlike many other congresses, we’ve replaced printed posters with digital boards. This not only reduces paper waste but also creates a more dynamic, interactive environment for presenters and attendees.

Be captivated by our stunning artwork, infused with a profound commitment to sustainability. Curious to learn more? Join us at the congress and witness this inspiring creation firsthand!

Sustainability stand
Educating for Change: At ISCOMS, we understand the importance of education in fostering a culture of sustainability. Our sustainability stand offers a platform for dialogue and learning, where participants can explore innovative solutions and gain insights into sustainable practices in the (bio)medical world.

Support from ING and the Company of Biologists
ISCOMS is proud to be supported by ING and the Company of Biologists. ING and ISCOMS have a common goal: making the world a more sustainable place. Our mutual commitment to sustainability unites us in our efforts to create positive change for future generations. The Company of Biologists also shares our commitment to environmental stewardship and ethical practices. Their support enables us to pursue our mission of advancing scientific knowledge while minimizing our ecological footprint, reinforcing our dedication to sustainability at every level.

Bring your own bag
At ISCOMS, we’re embracing the “bring your own bag” principle to promote sustainability in our practices. We encourage all attendees to bring their own bags to reduce waste and environmental impact.

Sustainability award
Celebrating Responsible Travel: As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, ISCOMS hosts a sustainability award to recognize and celebrate participants who demonstrate exemplary efforts in sustainable travel. Participants are invited to submit an essay (maximal 350 words) detailing their sustainable travel practices and the environmental initiatives they’ve undertaken to reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore must prove that you travelled sustainable to ISCOMS by submitting copies of your travel tickets. The deadline for submitting is May 19th. By highlighting these commendable efforts, we aim to inspire others and foster a culture of sustainability within the scientific community. Three individuals will be selected from all the participants who have registered through the provided link to receive a prize and an award. Click here to apply for the sustainability award.

Furthermore, at the congress there will be a second sustainable award. Participants can submit their most innovative and practical sustainability ideas for ISCOMS 2025. The best idea will get an award! From reducing waste to energy-efficient solutions, every idea has the potential to shape a greener future for the conference. Join us in championing sustainability and making ISCOMS 2025 even more sustainable than ISCOMS 2024!