*Accommodation details for ISCOMS 2024 will be announced at a later date*

During ISCOMS 2024 there are different types of accommodation available. The Organising Committee of ISCOMS can arrange your accommodation. You can choose for the “Housing Hub” or stay at a ho(s)tel.

We have arranged some discounts for your stay in Groningen during ISCOMS. We have listed the ho(s)tels, with the required discount code, below. These codes are available from the 3rd till the 7th of June.

Martini Hotel ***
Address: Gedempte Zuiderdiep 8, Groningen
Phone Number: +(31) (0) 50 312 9919
Discount: Tell them you’re from ISCOMS by e-mail or call them and mention the promotion code “MRT-GF3280”!

Schimmelpenninck Huys ***
Address: Oosterstraat 53, Groningen
Phone Number: +(31) (0) 50 318 9502
Discount: to book a hotel room with a discount. Say you will visit the medical congres from 3-7 june.

The Student Hotel
Address: Boterdiep 9, Groningen
Phone Number: +(31) (0) 50 206 9161
Discount: Use the promotion code ”ISCOMS24” for a 15% discount!

Boutique hotel de Doelen
Address: Grote Markt 36, 9711 LV Groningen
Phone Number: 085 081 2007
Discount: Say that you will attend ISCOMS and you will get 15% discount and with the code ISCOMS50 you get breakfast for 10 euros, instead of 15,50 euros.

Simplon Jongerenhotel
Address: Boterdiep 73-2, Groningen
Phone Number: +3150-3135221
Discount: Use the promotion code “iscoms2024” and get a 10% discount on your reservation!

Bud Gett Hostels
Address: Rademarkt 3-3a, Groningen
Phone Number: +(31) (0) 50 588 6558
Discount: Use the code “BGH-GF3280” and a discount of €2.50 per person per night.

ISCOMS Housing Hub

Another option for accommodation is the ‘Iscoms Housing Hub’. Here you will stay in a home of a (Dutch) student(s), or new this year: in the house of a doctor working at the UMCG! The student houses are scattered all over the city and this is a great opportunity to experience the life of Dutch students.

The number of students that live in a student house varies. For example, you may end up in a house with two students, but it is also possible that you will stay in a house with eight or more other students. You will probably have a roommate and breakfast will be provided by your student host. If you want to be placed with a friend it is possible to tell us his/her name in the google forms. 

Please note: you will not be able to choose which student house you will be staying at during the congress. Also, it is not possible to switch with another student. If you decide to stay longer at the students’ house, please inform us at the Logistic Point!

If you have any questions about your accommodation, please come to the Logistic Point during the congress.

If you want to offer participants visiting ISCOMS a place to stay during the congress, sign up your student house using this link! Nederlandse studentenhuizen kunnen zich via deze link aanmelden.

If you are hosting students within the ISCOMS Housing Hub please notice the following guidelines and requirements. We will be doing a random check in the week of ISCOMS. Requirements for hosting students with the ISCOMS Housing Hub:

  • Maximum of two students per room.
  • Both students need a separate mattress or air mattress (no thin camping mattress allowed).
  • You need to provide the participants with breakfast every morning.
  • A two-person bed is only for one student, except if they know each other.