Patient Lecture

More information on the patient lecture of ISCOMS 2022 will follow. Read about the patient lecture of DISCOMS 2020 below. 


Walking after paraplegia: the exoskeleton


On Saturday night the 18th of October 2014, Dennie Jager was riding on his moped home when he accidently hit the sidewalk and was thrown of his moped. During his fall he hit an electrical distribution cabinet.


Later in the hospital he was diagnosed with paraplegia and was told that his life would change forever. From that day onward he continued his life mostly in a wheelchair. After the crash they told him he had to accept the fact that he would never walk again, learn to live with it and set new goals. However, acceptation was difficult for him and he only had one goal: to walk again. He became ambassador of the foundation Walk On and has gathered the funds for his own exoskeleton.


During last year’s patient lecture Dennie Jager spoke about his accident, revalidation and demonstrate walking with an exoskeleton.