Career and Internship Fair

The Career and Internship fair is an excellent opportunity for participants to connect with various companies and discover potential internship opportunities. This event is a platform for participants to interact with company representatives and gain valuable insights into the industry they are interested in.

All types of questions can be asked at the fair, for example questions about the career growth prospects within the company. It is interesting knowing what opportunities for professional development and advancement exist within the company. Such information is vital as it helps participants to plan their career trajectory and make informed decisions.

Another important question participants can ask is about the nature of the company’s operations. It is crucial for participants to understand the company’s mission, values, and objectives. Participants can assess whether a company corresponds with their career aspirations and goals by learning more about how it operates.

Participants have a great opportunity to learn about the different types of organisations at the Career and Internship fair. You can learn more about the precise duties and obligations of an intern, as well as what they might anticipate learning during an internship.


At AMBOSS, we are empowering doctors to provide the best possible care. Come find out how our team of global doctors, product developers, engineers and medical illustrators come together to achieve this and how you can contribute.

Bayer Netherlands:

Career and internship possibilities within pharma in the Benelux countries and elsewhere in Europe. Find out what is possible at our booth.

Compendium Medicine:

Let’s build bridges together!

What if, from today, we would all start working together? Creating one compendium, in one language. Imagine all the time we would save, and how much more efficient we would be.

We, Compendium Medicine, have divided the most important medical knowledge in 35 specialties, all presented in the same way. Our method consists of using comprehensible illustrations for every medical condition, straightforward tables, many illustrations, and useful mnemonics. It is visual, concise and to-the-point, so you are able to memorise the study material more easily.

Our books have been a huge success in the Netherlands. It is now time to extend our mission to the rest of the world… Join us on our mission!

CSL Behring:

Positions in pharma: endless possibilities. Find out what we do.


eLabNext offers cloud-based software solutions for laboratories all over the world. We are always looking for new members to strengthen our team. Please visit our booth to learn more about our opportunities.’