During your abstract submission and/or registration you can indicate at which embassy you are planning on applying to for the Dutch visa. Below you will find a list of embassies at which you can apply and the city in which they are situated.
CountryEmbassyCity (country) of the embassy
AfghanistanDutch EmbassyIslamabad (Pakistan) or Teheran (Iran) or New Delhi (India)
AlgeriaDutch EmbassyAlgiers (Algeria)
AngolaDutch EmbassyLuanda (Angola)
ArmeniaGerman EmbassyYerevan (Armenia)
AzerbaijanFrench EmbassyBaku (Azerbaijan)
BahrainGerman EmbassyManama (Bahrain)
BangladeshSwedish EmbassyDhaka (Bangladesh)
BelarusGerman EmbassyMinsk (Belarus)
BelizeDutch EmbassyMexico City (Mexico)
BeninDutch EmbassyCotonou (Benin)
BhutanDutch EmbassyNew Delhi (India)
BoliviaSpanish EmbassyLa Paz (Bolivia)
BotswanaDutch EmbassyGaborone (Botswana)
Burkina FasoBelgian EmbassyOuagadougou (Burkina Faso)
Birma/MyanmarGerman EmbassyYangon (Birma/Myanmar)
BurundiBelgian EmbassyBujumbura (Burundi)
CambodiaGerman EmbassyPhnom Penh (Cambodia)
CameroonBelgian EmbassyYaounde (Cameroon)
Cape VerdePortuguese EmbassyPraia (Cape Verde)
Central African RepublicFrench EmbassyBangui (Central African Republic)
TsjaadDutch EmbassyN’djamena (Tsjaad)
ChinaDutch EmbassyBeijing (China)
ComorosFrench EmbassyMoroni (Comoros)
CongoFrench EmbassyBrazzaville (Congo)
Congo DRBelgian EmbassyKinshasa (Congo DR)
CubaDutch EmbassyHavana (Cuba)
DjiboutiFrench EmbassyDjibouti (Djibouti)
Dominican RepublicDutch EmbassySanto Domingo (Dominican Republic)
EcuadorSpanish EmbassyQuito (Ecuador) or Guayaquuil (Ecuador)
EgyptDutch EmbassyCairo (Egypt)
Equatorial GuineaSpanish EmbassyMalabo (Equatorial Guinea)
EritreaItalian EmbassyAsmara (Eritrea)
EthiopiaDutch EmbassyAddis Abeba (Ethiopia)
FijiFrench EmbassySuva (Fiji)
GabonFrench EmbassyLibreville (Gabon)
GambiaDutch EmbassyDakar (Senegal)
GeorgiaDutch EmbassyTbilisi (Georgia)
GhanaDutch EmbassyAccra (Ghana)
GuineaDutch EmbassyDakar (Senegal)
Guinee-BissauDutch EmbassyBissau (Guinee-Bissau)
GuyanaDutch EmbassyParamaribo (Suriname)
HaïtiFrench EmbassyPort-au-Prince (Haïti)
IndiaDutch EmbassyNew Delhi (India)
IndonesiaDutch EmbassyJakarta (Indonesia)
IranDutch EmbassyTehran (Iran)
IraqDutch EmbassyAnkara (Turkey) or Istanbul (Turkey)
Ivory CoastBelgian EmbassyAbidjan (Ivory Coast)
JamaicaBelgian EmbassyKingston (Jamaica)
JordanDutch EmbassyAmman (Jordan)
KazakhstanHungarian EmbassyAlmaty (Kazakhstan)
KenyaDutch EmbassyNairobi (Kenya)
KuwaitDutch EmbassyKuwait (Kuwait)
KyrgyzstanGerman EmbassyBishkek (Kyrgyzstan)
LaosFrench EmbassyVientiane (Laos)
LebanonDutch EmbassyBeirut (Lebanon)
LesothoDutch EmbassyPretoria (South Africa)
LiberiaDutch EmbassyAccra (Ghana)
LibyaDutch EmbassyTunis (Tunisia)
MadagascarSwiss EmbassyAntananarivo (Madagascar)
MalawiNorwegian EmbassyLilongwe (Malawi)
MaldivenDutch EmbassyMalé (Maldiven)
MaliDutch EmbassyBamako (Mali)
MauritaniaFrench EmbassyNouakchott (Mauritania)
MongoliaGerman EmbassyUlan Bator (Mongolia)
MaroccoDutch EmbassyRabat (Marocco)
MozambiqueDutch EmbassyMaputo (Mozambique)
NamibiaGerman EmbassyWindhoek (Namibia)
NauruEmbassy unknown, please contact ISCOMS
NepalDutch EmbassyVFS Visa Application Centre
NigerFrench EmbassyNiamey (Niger)
NigeriaBelgian Embassy or French EmbassyAbuja (Nigeria) or Lagos (Nigeria)
North KoreaEmbassy unknown, please contact ISCOMS
OmanDutch EmbassyMuscat (Oman)
PakistanDutch EmbassyIslamabad (Pakistan)
Papua New GuineaEmbassy unknown, please contact ISCOMS
PhilippinesDutch EmbassyManila (Philippines)
QatarDutch EmbassyDoha (Qatar)
Russian FederationDutch EmbassyMoscow (Russian Federation) or St. Peterburg (Russian Federation)
RwandaBelgian EmbassyKigali (Rwanda)
Sao Tome and PrincipePortuguese EmbassySao Tome (Sao Tome and Principe)
Saudi ArabiaDutch EmbassyRiyadh (Saudi Arabia)
SenegalDutch EmbassyDakar (Senegal)
Sierra LeoneDutch EmbassyAccra (Ghana)
SomaliaDutch EmbassyNairobi (Kenya)
South AfricaDutch EmbassyPretoria (South Africa)
Sri LankaSwiss EmbassyColombo (Sri lanka)
SudanDutch EmbassyKhartoum (Sudan)
South SudanEmbassy unknown, please contact ISCOMS
SurinameDutch EmbassyParamaribo (Suriname)
SwazilandDutch EmbassyPretoria (South Africa)
SyriaDutch EmbassyAmman (Jordan)
TajikistanGerman EmbassyDushanbe (Tajikistan)
TanzaniaDutch EmbassyDar es Salaam (Tanzania)
ThailandDutch EmbassyBangkok (Thailand)
TogoFrench EmbassyLomé (Togo)
TunisiaDutch EmbassyTunis (Tunesia)
TurkeyDutch EmbassyAnkara (Turkey) or Istanbul (Turkey)
TurkmenistanGerman EmbassyAshgabat (Turkmenistan)
UgandaDutch EmbassyKampala (Uganda)
UkraineDutch EmbassyKiev (Ukraine)
UzbekistanFrench EmbassyTashkent (Uzbekistan)
VietnamDutch EmbassyHanoi (Vietnam)
YemenEmbassy unknown, please contact ISCOMS
ZambiaSwiss EmbassyLusaka (Zambia)
ZimbabweDutch EmbassyHarare (Zimbabwe)