Fees & Payment

Here you can find the fees for the physical congress. For those who would like to have the full ISCOMS-experience, we advise you to purchase both the Universal Congress Pass and the Universal Social Pass.

The Universal Congress Pass includes the following:

  • Tuesday the 6th of June: Congress day 1
  • Wednesday the 7th of June:  Congress day 2
  • Thursday the 8th of June: Congress day 3

The Universal Congress Pass gives access to the Scientific Programme only.

The Universal Social Pass includes the following: 

  • Sunday the 4th of June: Welcoming night
  • Tuesday the 6th of June: Social Programme day 1
  • Wednesday the 7th of June: Social Programme day 2
  • Thursday the 8th of June: Social Programme day 3

The Universal Social Pass includes all the Social Activities (except the Post Congress Tour) for a reduced fee. This Pass can only be purchased in addition to the Universal Congress Pass.


A congress day-ticket includes:

  • Access to the congress on either Tuesday June 6th, Wednesday June 7th or Thursday June 8th.
  • Participation in workshops, sessions, and keynote lectures.
  • Tea, coffee, cold water, soda and lunch.

A Pre-course ticket includes:

  • Access to the Pre-course on Monday 5th of June
  • Access to several speed keynote lectures
  • Participation in scientific-orientated workshops
  • Participation in mastering classes to enhance your research skills
  • Tea, coffee, cold water, soda, and lunch
  • Dinner


Below, you can find the fees for all the tickets available for ISCOMS 2023.
Please note: you cannot apply for a refund after the 5th of May.
Congress fees Scientific Programme The Pre-Course Ticket is not included in the Universal Congress Pass.
Universal Congress Pass (3 congress days: Scientific Programme)
Congress Ticket (1 day)
Pre-course Ticket
Congress Fees Social Programme Post Congress Tour is not included in the Universal Social Pass.
Universal Social Pass (3 congress days: Social Programme)
Post Congress Tour
Separate Social Activities All the activities listed below, are also included in the Universal Social Pass.
City Tour Groningen June 4th
Welcoming Night June 4th
Formal Dinner June 6th
Recreational evening June 7th
WorldWide ISCOMS Night June 8th

Payment methods

–          Paypal
–          Mastercard
–          Visa
–          AmericanExpress
–          International Bank Transfer

–          iDEAL
–          Bank Transfer

–          MoneyGram
–          Western Union