The abstract selection procedure will be carried out by the ISCOMS organisation with the help of experienced researchers and professors of the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG). After the selection procedure, the selected abstracts will be divided over the three different types of sessions: plenary, oral or poster sessions. Oral sessions will be chaired by an experienced researcher or professor from the UMCG and a student from the ISCOMS organisation. 

Plenary presentations

From all submitted abstracts, the tosixteen abstracts will be selected for a plenary presentation. Those presentations will be performed in the main lecture hall. The jury of ISCOMS 2021 will select and award three of the plenary presentations with an official Plenary Award. Additionally, the audience will vote who will be awarded with the Plenary Audience Award. 

Oral presentations

The oral presentations will take place in a smaller setting. This allows for a lot of interaction and opportunities to ask questions. There will be about twenty oral sessions spread out over the congress daysThe sessions will be divided into different categories to cover all different research topics. Experienced researchers who have a special interest in the particular research fields together with a student from the ISCOMS organisation will supervise the various sessions. At the end of the session, the session chairs will announce the winner of the session.  

Poster presentations

For ISCOMS 2021, the poster sessions will take a different approach than usual. This year, we will create a 360-degree digital space via which participants can “walk” in between digital poster presentations. Within this digital space, all poster sessions, each with their own research subject, will be made available and all pre-recorded poster presentations can be viewed at will. This way, all poster presentations will be presented on the online platform!