Where can I request a refund? 

All refunds will take place after DISCOMS, June the 4th of 2020. This is arranged in such a fashion, so that participants who have registered for ISCOMS, and would also like to register for DISCOMS, do not have to make extra payments, with additional transaction costs. You can request a refund here. Afterwards you’ll receive an e-mail from us, which enables you to register for DISCOMS, if you’d like ofcourse. Please be aware this e-mail might end up in your spam folder.

How come my registration number doesn’t work for the app?

The registration number you received from us for ISCOMS 2020 is not the same registration code you can use for the app. You do not need the app yet and we will provide you with a correct registration code for the app before the congress.

Till when can I upload my poster?

The poster upload deadline is on the 29th of May at 17:00 GMT+1.

When is the deadline for registration?

The deadline for registration is on the 2nd of June at 23:59 GMT+1.

1. Apply for the congress

When can I submit my abstract?

The abstract submission will be open until the 30th of January 2020, abstracts cannot be submitted after this date. If your abstract has been selected you will be a presenter at ISCOMS in either a poster, oral or plenary session. You will receive an e-mail with this information soon after the abstract selection.

When can I register as a non-presenting participant?

Registration for non-presenting participants will be able from March 2020. See the link at the homepage.

How much is the registration fee?

Please take a look at the fees.

Can several people apply as author for one presentation?

An abstract can only be presented by one student. Other people who are working on the same project can be recognized as co-authors in the abstract and can be registered as non-presenting participants, but are not allowed to present the same research. You can find guidelines for writing abstracts for ISCOMS here: Abstract Requirements.

2. Travel Grants

Can I get an ISCOMS travel grant?

Travel grants are available for a limited number of presenting participants. Requests will be evaluated by our Travel Grant Committee. The number of grants that will be awarded are based on the number of requests and the amount depends on de described situation of the presenting participant. You can apply for a travel grant by filling out the forms in the secured part of the website during your registration in March. If you want to apply for a travel grant you have to state your motivation and reasons for why you should receive a grant on the corresponding form. For more information click this link.

Are there any other possibilities to obtain a travel grant?

We highly recommend students to look for other opportunities for receiving a travel grant. Many universities give out grants to students going to an academic event. Ask your university about these possibilities. You can also take a look at the Grant finder which contains information on a range of Dutch scholarships for foreign students. These scholarships can be searched by selecting one of the categories on the website. To go to the grant finder website please click here.

3. Programme

What will be the programme of ISCOMS 2020?

The programme of ISCOMS 2020 can be found here.

What will the social programme consist of?

ISCOMS offers an extensive social programme which consists of multiple events in the dynamic city Groningen. These events are spread over the congress days, such as dinners and parties. The programme is extended with a post-congress tour, in which you can see a little more of The Netherlands, accompanied by the organising committee of ISCOMS 2020. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet students from other countries!

Is it possible to come to the Post-Congress Tour when I am a non-presenting participant?

Yes, this is possible. The Post Congress Tour is for both presenting and non-presenting participants.

4. Accommodation

Can I choose where I would like to stay during the congress?

Of course you can. There are three types of accommodation available (student accommodation, basic accommodation and self booking accommodation). For more information, please take a look at the accommodation page.

Do I have to arrange my accommodation by myself?

The student and basic accommodation will be arranged by the ISCOMS organising committee. If you would like to stay in a hotel or hostel in Groningen, you will have to arrange it for yourself.

5. Presentation

What are the rules for presenting at ISCOMS?

The presenting time differs according to whether you have a plenary, oral or poster presentation (see below).

Plenary presentation

You have 12 minutes to present your research if you are selected for a plenary presentation: 9 minutes for your presentation and 3 minutes for the following discussion.

Oral presentation

You have 11 minutes to present your research if you are selected for an oral presentation: 8 minutes for your presentation and 3 minutes for the following discussion.

Poster presentation

You have 10 minutes to present your research if you are selected for a poster presentation: 7 minutes for your presentation and 3 minutes for the following discussion.

If I am selected to present a poster, how large should the poster be?

Poster dimensions should not exceed 1.00m (3.28ft) wide and 1.20m (3.94ft) high. Posters need to be vertical and can’t be a landscape.

Is there more information about how to present my research?

Yes, the abstract selection page has a lot of information at the bottom.